What I’d love to do in 2012

It’s the New Year and that means resolutions. There’s something about resolutions that feels like they are meant to be broken. Perhaps it’s just an accepted attitude after years of people setting goals and then accepting failure in reaching them. This year instead of making a list of personal resolutions, I’m following Carrie Actually’s example and making a list of what I’d love to do in 2012.

1. Announce the new GamingAngels/She’s Geeky Inc network.

2. Extend my reach as a writer. Continue to educate and be a voice for positive gaming experiences.

3. Get pregnant.

4. Lose some weight. Hopefully that will help with number 3.

5. Paint the Gym and Guest room.

6. Visit Maui again. Or some amazing tropical oasis.

7. Cover more conventions and meet more amazing people.

8. Finish more games!

9. Get to work earlier!

10. Save more!

What things would you love to do in 2012?


  1. Braydog1124 says

    Play video games for at least 3 hours a day, and eat candy only once a week! Btw I love your website and podcasts!

    • GamingAngel says

      @Braydog1124 We are! Just trying to figure out a new format. But will definitely be starting them up again,.

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