How do you focus your blog?

I love writing a blog. In fact, I lament that I don’t write here enough. Ideally, I would write here three times a week. Readers/visitors would get to know my schedule and visit accordingly. I’d have themed days. So that you knew you may get a review once a week, or an article on technology once a week and then my randomness otherwise.

Last week I wrote this piece about Pinterest being used for Shopping. I went into depth, used Storify (I’ll have to write about Storify here this weekend) to get quotes, and overall made a great article about Pinterest. One so good, that I felt it would be better on Gadget Angels versus here. More eyes and all that. In fact I feel guilty writing about tech/gadgets/apps here because I feel like I should be writing about it there.

The question comes up as to what do I want out of this blog. What do I want to write about or what do I feel like I have to put here that I can’t put on the GamingAngels sites.

Initially, I created this blog to talk about a few main subjects:

  • Building Community
  • Being a Geeky Wife
  • Feminism topics
  • From there, I have seen that I want to talk about:

  • Being a Geeky Wife – trying to be a geeky mom
  • Tech I use or think other beginning bloggers should use
  • Favorite cleaning products
  • Style ideas for house etc
  • What’s on my mind
  • I really do want this to be a resource that other bloggers can get advice from for different technologies. But I know that I need this space to talk about my struggle as a CEO of a media company and my journey to become a mom. I also want this place to be where I can try new ideas. Build my brand and really focus on what my goals are personally.

    My question to you is how did you determine your blog focus? Are you an all-in-one? Do you only cover one area? What would you like to see as a reader?

    Thanks for the feedback!


    1. temysmom says

      How much time do you have? I started my blog to let my family know about our summer vacations. It was that simple. I had no idea when I began that there was an entire world of bloggers out there. Once I started realizing that there might be other people who would be interested in what I had to say, I branched out to other topics like parenting, social issues, reviews and recipes. I don’t really have a niche so I get lumped into Lifestyle mostly. I toyed with the idea of starting another blog to just focus on one thing but I get bored very easily and I enjoy being able to write about whatever the hell I want to on any given day. A lot of people tell you that you have to have a focus, but honestly, I don’t and I’ve been doing pretty well. My stats improve every month and I am earning money (however minimal) on sponsored posts so right now I’m just staying on this path.

      • GamingAngel says

         @temysmom I don’t have a ton of time because I spend most of it on GA. So ideally I would like to update three times a week. It’s awesome to hear you are doing well without a focus. I think there is something to it when you just speak from your heart. Thank you hon! 

    2. rambleginger says

      Honestly, I don’t see anything on that list that stands out as a huge clash with the others. I’m with temysmom, I just write about whatever is in my head–I’ve found that that *generally* falls into one of a dozen or so categories, which I’m ok with. For me, my “brand” (as it were) is me talking about me, so it works. I think the challenge you have is that GA overlaps with some of what you want to write about up there, so I’d just try to consider why do you want that here and not there (or vice versa?). Not that there’s a good or a bad to either, just knowing your reasons you want to put it one place over the other will help you figure out how to focus. If it’s because you want to build YOU as a brand alongside GA (but separate from), then you have to be ok with the idea that more people may see it there in the beginning, but that you’re putting it here for a long term goal.
      Think of GA. When  you started, you just did it without having the eyeballs, right? This is the same thing.

      • GamingAngel says

         @rambleginger Hi! Thanks for coming and commenting! You’ve built such a great blog (btw I’m nominating you for something…hehe). I definitely did GA when it was just me writing posts about games I played. But I definitely knew where I wanted to go with it. This I feel is so organic. Like I can take it anywhere. 
        I’m starting to speak at conventions and definitely want to make sure I’m known for being able to speak about tech and gaming. So that is really how I would like to position myself going forward. Thanks for your help hon also are you going to blog her this year? 

        • rambleginger says

           @GamingAngel No BlogHer for me this year (boohoo)–can’t justify the cost, unless I could find some fabulous company to sponsor me which seems highly unlikely given that I’m not even trying 🙂

    3. bernthis says

      I wrote my web series and then started blogging b/c I couldn’t afford to make anymore. I was hoping if people thought I was funny in writing it would send them IN DROVES to watch my videos and then voila!  Well, I’m still waiting for “Voila” four years later….

      • GamingAngel says

         @bernthis Thank you for commenting! I knew I just read an article about you and your series! Congratulations on getting it picked up again! It definitely shows that hardwork will pay off. 

    4. JamieGall1930 says

      The focus came to me after about a month of blogging.  I knew if I had theme days,it would allow me to focus in on my writing, and allow me the freedom to focus on the things I loved to talk about in life (photography, travel, art, wine, and sharing pieces about myself.)
      But always leave yourself a day open as to where you can blog about whatever comes across your mind.  Leaving that flexibility leaves room for other possibilities you may think of down the road.
      The other thing is that every few months you could switch it up and focus in on another topic that you’ve been wanting to gravitate towards, etc. 
      Your blog is really about you and for you to talk about your interests, and passions in life, and to share with others.  And with any blog, it’s always available for change and updating.  

    5. MeganMcClain says

      I just write. I was inspired by other baby moms who had blogs and got to review things, but i started to keep my typing skills up, since i had left my reporter job to have a baby.
      I write about what i want to write sbout, but more and more i am concerned with writing stuff that will bring in people and think sccoringly. Ive written abput eating put with toddlers- it has never been a successful subject, but i love it. I also did a toddler craft on my blog yesterday and loved doing it- i think tutorials would help bring in people.
      But ultimately, i just write what i want to write and it categorizes ittself.

    6. StrllrAdvSoCal says

      Long story short, my mom was the one that said you should write and share. Because all my friends always asked or said I cooked great and should’ve been a chef or they would also ask what’s hip and happening in San Diego on that week or where I took my kids and how did they like it. Thus in 2010 Stroller Adventures was born. I sometimes write what comes to mind but not always, because my goal is about families and how they can go to places that welcome them I have been to places where people have not welcomed kids and felt I also needed to share that. I am a stay at home mom and wife first then I am a blogger. blogging is for me after leaving corporate america and sharing what I have to say. 

      • GamingAngel says

         @StrllrAdvSoCal That’s awesome. I agree that personal blog is a place to share your voice. Do you ever have a problem taking that step to talk about personal things? 

    7. says

      I contribute to several blogs, including my own. I have found that each blog that I contribute to fills one aspect of “me”. One is for the news reporting side, one for the mom on the go, one for the mom in the know with mom issues and lastly, my own for whatever comes to mind. I don’t worry too much about always having content on my personal blog, because I use it to literally just gets things off my chest or whenever something funny comes to mind that wouldn’t fit in the other blogs I contribute to. Hope this helps (a little at least). 

      • GamingAngel says

         @DesireeEaglin That’s great that you are able to fill all the areas with the various blogs.  I think I have to remember that a personal blog is not like a content site where new content needs to be up daily. Thank you it does help! 

    8. SidMILB says

      I’m with Megan and Carolyn. I just  write.
      Boyfriend always said I should start a blog and call it “Sid’s Blog.” Bless his heart.
      But I had no story arc. No focus.
      Then his hoarder mother died and my life turned upside down. Or maybe rightside up.  I now had a focus, and he and I have had many opportunities presented to us as a result.
      I blog about his family with his permission, and surprisingly, with his family’s support.
      I always have a subject-matter flame to flutter around,  AND I can write about whatever else I like. Hopefully, my  core subject matter will dry up before long. It’s only been twenty-one months that boyfriend has been cleaning up his mother’s “legacy.”
      It has not been a Barbie Dream Date, times are tough, relationship is rocky, but I have learned and grown so much during this journey.
      Great  question, Gaming Angel.

    9. Girl with a New Life says

      I visit every blog for different reasons. My blog focus grew organically over the first three years , essentially shifting from what I thought it was supposed to be to what my heart wanted it to be–the stuff I could talk about in my sleep: chick culture, women’s stories and my own journey. 
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I am now following you on twitter @TinaLaneBlogs and facebook.

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