I got a Get Pregnant Gift Basket!

A few weeks ago I made a post about how frustrating tools for TTC can be. The tests can be flawed, thermometers die, and charting is another beast. While there are so many medical advances, it seems that the TTC community has been largely ignored. I lost it when two boxes of my Clearblue Digital OPK tests were consistently smeared. Each box costs around $35. In the forums many women were complaining about smeared tests. I went to email or send a tweet to Clearblue and realized that their website offered only one way to contact them…on the phone. Even worse, on eastern time zone. Makes it almost impossible for me.

Then the coolest thing happened. Clearblue reached out to me! They felt I had made good points and sympathized with my frustration. They asked if they can send me some products to assist with us trying to get pregnant.

Today at the door I was greeted with package below:

The cutest Get Pregnant basket ever! Clearblue didn’t just chuck stuff in a box and send it to me. They carefully put everything in a basket and even wrote a message.

The gadget I’m most excited about trying is the Fertility Monitor. The monitor has a great success rate in honing in when you really are ovulating. Women on the forums that use it seem to get pregnant in 1-3 months of using it. So I have high hopes! This month it will probably be only taking in data, but maybe we’ll have a good chance the next month! I’ll be using it starting tomorrow (reading the manual tonight) and I’ll be blogging about my experience with the monitor. I hope it helps me get that BFP!

Speaking of BFP, they also included Digital Pregnancy tests! haha

In case it does take me a couple of cycles, they sent the test sticks for the fertility monitor. Each box comes with 30. I have to read how those work too!

The note that came with the basket was handwritten from the Clearblue team! I feel like they felt my frustration and are on the sidelines cheering me on!

It’s awesome getting a package filled with so much love.



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