What does your pony look like?


On GamingAngels, we launched a contest encouraging our readers to create their gaming ponies based on the My Little Pony model. Someone on deviantart created a Pony Creator which allows you to create your very own personalized Pony! The pony above is how I would like to see me. Although I couldn’t think of a […]

I got to meet The Bloggess in LA


My picture is not very good, but last week I not only got to meet some wonderful ladies from Socalladybloggers but also The Bloggess as well. I had heard of the Bloggess from the twine incident, but in reality I was not a follower of her blog. That has all changed now. The event was […]

Crazy TTC moment of the week

In Trying to Conceive it seems like there are always crazy moments along the way. Not the crazy thing just happened to me moment, but more like the…I would be committed if anyone else knew about this moments. To poke fun at myself and hopefully get others to share their moments so we can all […]

American Idol and voting guilt

Picture of Phillip Phillips from Ford

AJ reminded me through a conversation on Facebook that Idol is on today and Thursday. Which triggered a reminder about a blog post I wanted to write. Typically I watch Idol and I’ll watch the beginning and then maybe phase out. Every few seasons it catches me. This season is one of those. I believe […]

Pottermore is open!


Pottermore is open!! I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for Pottermore to open. I was unable to get into the beta, so when Monique (from GamingAngels and RazingMayhem) mentioned in the staff chat today that Pottermore is open I raced over there. My username is MoonOwl887 if anyone wants to add me. I’m […]

Don’t feel like Gaming…

How can that be? How is it possible? How can I not feel like gaming? Aren’t I the GamingAngel? I run a website that talks 24/7 about gaming. And yet… I don’t want to play. I’ve been trying to catch up on what we call a “backlog of shame”. The backlog is filled of older […]

Or it kicked mine

I had a great weekend planting and digging. Trying to work on the backyard since we haven’t touched it since we bought the house. I discovered that the sprinklers are all in the wrong place. Particularly if we want to plant some fruit trees. In my mind, I have huge plans for this yard, but […]

Kicked this weekend’s ass

My Star Wars Dress

This weekend I kicked ass. I’m not sure where I got the energy from, but I started things off with an organized attack and just kept going. It started with a lazy Friday. Just sat there and watched some tv after a late dinner out. Then Saturday I woke up early for a hair trim. […]

First few days of using Clearblue Fertility Monitor

It has been one week of using the Fertility Monitor from Clearblue and I thought I would update with how things are going. The Fertility Monitor itself is supposed to be kept actually out of the bathroom. Due to moisture not being good for it. I keep mine in a shelf by the bed. Basically […]