Pottermore is open!

Pottermore is open!! I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for Pottermore to open. I was unable to get into the beta, so when Monique (from GamingAngels and RazingMayhem) mentioned in the staff chat today that Pottermore is open I raced over there.

My username is MoonOwl887 if anyone wants to add me. I’m trying to find my way around and get sorted. I’m not sure what the load is but it may be substantial because it already kicked me out once. From what I can see, most of the features are actually still in lock down. It also says Beta all over the page still. The odd thing is I can’t seem to find out how to get sorted. It mentioned it on log in and now nothing…

I’m clicking through the first book to see if I can get to the sorting and it seems really odd. Like stuff should be clickable but isn’t. Purchasing items in the store User Interface is pretty wonky. They should have taken a note from video game inventory systems. If I bought something and there is one of it, I don’t need a buy confirm, just take it off the shelf. To have to click through to buy and get a confirmation and then have to click back to get back to the list of books is way too many steps.

Finally got to my wand…SYCAMORE WITH DRAGON CORE, ELEVEN AND A HALF INCHES, SURPRISINGLY SWISHY. haha I’m swishy. Eventually I made it to the sorting ceremony and I’m in house Ravenclaw. Which is interesting because I always thought I was a Hufflepuff. Just glad I’m not Slytherin! haha

We’ll see how often I go back. As I said earlier, the User Interface is pretty poor and is a turnoff for me. It took me almost an hour just to get that far. One last thing… I know that users have been pretty active in beta, but shouldn’t all the points be nullified at release? Some of the top people in the house have hundreds of thousands of points…how am I supposed to catch up?

Oh and a bit of a bragging point for Ravenclaw…we have the least members, but the second most points. Now I have to go to brew to add points to my house. ^_^ Have to beat Slytherin!


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