Sunday Confessions

After having an amazing time hanging out with the So Cal Lady Bloggers group, I am trying to expand my horizons. I found this Sunday Confessions blog hop on Every Day is a new adventure and decided to jump right in. Hopefully this will be a way for you to get to know me and maybe you’ll share as well.

1. I wanted to be on the Drill team in High School. When they said that Drill team was being combined with tall flags I almost lost it. But it turns out my high school years with my fellow Danceguard members were some of the best moments of my life. (I’m the first person on the left in the picture.)

2. I have always felt that GamingAngels isn’t more popular because I’m not thin. Which is why I don’t get called to alot of video shoots to talk about games. While I beat myself up about it on the inside, it hasn’t been enough to make me crash diet or work out like crazy. I want to lose 20 pounds to be healthy, but I don’t have the motivation. I had the motivation a month ago with cardio barre, but I had a flare up and haven’t been able to go back. Now my schedule is crazy balls, and I can’t do Cardio Barre until August maybe July.

3. Because every post needs some Chris Hemsworth….I have to say I love the Avengers, but I still love the JLA more. I just want to see an awesome Wonder Woman movie or tv show made before I die. Maybe Joss can take up the helm since Avengers is going to go gang busters. Also…I’m using images of Chris to help turn me on for baby making. ^_^


  1. alyx2011 says

    Bahahahhaa, “to help turn me on for baby making.” that’s awesome. 
    And Psh. I hate our stupid society’s idea that thin is the best way to be. I say “healthy” is the way to be. Screw society. 
    That is all. 
    Thanks for linking up!!! 

  2. AmyTapperCrawford says

    Giiiiirl, let me tell you, when I saw Chris Hemsworth take off his shirt in Thor, my whole body went completely hot and I could feel my face flush. That is is some hot stuff right there…

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