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Xmas Minnie

The weather outside is dreadful. It’s snowing in some parts, it’s raining here in So Cal and all around it’s cold. Even though the weather is bad you still have to go out and get things done right? Babywearing adds a little bit of warmth support for your baby, but I’ve found and used two products to help keep her even warmer. I’ll try anything to make sure pumpkin does not get sick.

The Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover is made with a Polartec® fabric that feels like a soft fleece. It is designed to work with any soft structured carrier, wrap or sling. You can wear the baby and cover in forward facing, back carry or some hip carries. The Kowalli fits over any of my Soft Structured Carriers. I tested using three different carriers. I don’t really wrap yet, so I can’t speak to what that wearing experience is like.

The Good

  • It definitely kept pumpkin and I warm. I wore it initially at Disneyland and we wore it as the day got cool. It’s perfect to wear around parade time. Pumpkin can comfortably and warmly see the parade from a higher vantage point.
  • I like the pocket. Not to use, but to put my hands in and hold her.
  • The fabric is soft and did not irritate pumpkin at all.
  • The cover could fit my husband or I. That flexibility is nice.

The Bad

  • The one arm hole instead of two confuses me. I know it enables baby to see better out of the top, but I think the carrier could have been made in a way to avoid that. It does feel a little awkward when wearing.
  • It’s hard to reach the pulls to tighten. I had my mom assist me at Disneyland.

The Boba Hoodie

boba hoodie

Sorry to have to use a stock photo. I have worn the Boba Hoodie twice and haven’t had a picture taken in it yet. The Boba Hoodie is more like a

traditional hoodie or long sleeve shirt. The fit is tight, so you will want to make sure to size appropriately. I bought a small and it fits, but the arms are also tight. Where my small hoodies have looser arms.

The Boba Hoodie can be worn for a front or back carry and works with the Boba Wrap, Boba Carrier, or any soft structured carrier. I wore this with my Two Mama Designs full buckle carrier (review coming soon) and it fit great over the carrier. The shirt is soft and this is a great option for cooler temperatures, particularly spring or maybe cool nights out.

The Good

  • It’s comfortable. While the arms are tighter than expected, overall the hoodie is very comfortable for both of us.
  • There are hidden zipper pockets that help you get the hoodie on over you and baby (in carrier). Which makes wearing a breeze!

The Bad

  • It can only fit me. Specifically. It definitely wouldn’t fit my husband and probably not many others that would take care of pumpkin. It wouldn’t even fit me if I got pregnant again.

Both carriers are great options for wearing your baby in the cold weather. I actually believe both have their uses year round although the Boba Hoodie is better for the summer. The Boba Hoodie is my go to item that is permanently in my trunk with my carrier. This way I can have it with me in case of unexpected weather changes (future post on what I keep in my trunk.) I like the way it fits and feel comfortable getting the hoodie off and on.  The Kowalli is just too difficult for me to tighten by myself. But it’s hanging in my coat closet to take on really cold days.

I hope this helps highlight options you have to keep you and your baby warm while babywearing! I purchased both items myself and recommend purchasing from a local babywearing expert that is just amazing. Please let me know if you have more questions on any products or have any recommendations of your own!



  1. Laura Bell says

    Thanks for the info! I will probably need a carrier cover soon once we start to venture outside more. Right now it’s so cold that even with a cover I don’t want to go out with baby. Brr, Michigan!

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