Creating a Washi Valentine’s Day decoration

I know this blog should have been published before Valentine’s Day, but with pumpkin being so sick, pretty much everything has been very difficult to finish. Including my Valentine’s day crafts.

Why a Valentine’s Day Craft? I LOVE Crafts. I bought a Silhouette a year ago and have created quite a few things with it. Now I hope to showcase those ideas on this blog. To inspire you but show what tools I use and what I do when crafts go horribly wrong. I also want to showcase crafts that I do with pumpkin as she gets older.

I’m in love with Washi tape. But sometimes I can’t find the exact tape I want to use. For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to create decorated letters that spell the word “Love” for our fireplace mantel.

Here is what I used and all items are from Michaels but could be brought anywhere:

  1. Wooden Letters
  2. Ribbons
  3. Washi tape
  4. Xryon Create-A-Sticker machine

The letters are wooden, pre-cut letters from Michaels. Super cheap. I think under $2. The letters are rough around the edges. The wood wasn’t sanded down so you have to do that too. But Michaels also sells cardboard letters or plastic letters that you can also decorate.
photo 1

I wanted each letter to have a different decoration, so in addition to Washi tape, I bought ribbon. Now gluing ribbon to anything is a pain. I did this for baby shower invitations. It’s messy and may not stick well. I discovered the Xryon Create-A-Sticker machine and it’s opened a whole new world. The machine can create stickers up to 1.5″ wide.

You feed the ribbon through the machine and pull on the other side.
photo 2
When you pull the ribbon on the other side, you then press the plastic to help the glue stick. I basically rubbed it for about 15 seconds. Then you peel and stick to your item.
photo 3

Then I attached the sticky side of the ribbon to the wooden letter and repeated until the letter was covered.

In the end only one letter used Washi tape. But I think the end product came out really well! It was an easy craft to do (while pumping too!), and now I have the Xryon sticker maker for future projects. Michaels sells re-fills so you don’t have to buy one for each project.
photo 4

Hope you enjoyed this craft! Have a happy Valentine’s day!

This is not a sponsored post but I did include an affiliate link for the Xryon Create a Sticker Maker.


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