Family day at Aquarium of the Pacific

I received tickets for my family to attend the Aquarium, but the thoughts below are all my own.


A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took pumpkin on her first trip to the Aquarium. The Aquarium of the Pacific is a magical place. As a California native, I know we will be visiting more often. The picture above is one of my favorites because it shows a quiet, magical moment where pumpkin and I were taking in the fish in the massive tank in front of us.


I was struck by the massive number of tanks and marine life that the Aquarium housed. I never realized it was that large. We were able to listen to a talk about penguins, see Sharks being fed for lunch, attend a kids marine talk, and touch jellyfish! Geeky Hubby also touched a few stingrays. Unfortunately, pumpkin is a little too young to touch any of the animals. The Aquarium doesn’t have an age limit or anything, but I know that pumpkin can be strong with her grasps and most of the interactive areas ask that you only touch the animals with two fingers.


I am incredibly excited to visit in the future when we can discuss the different creatures with pumpkin. I loved seeing her laugh when the fish seemed to come up close, or see her jump when the seals called out. Geeky hubby and I had a great time talking about the various creatures some of which I never knew existed!

I love that the Aquarium of the Pacific doesn’t just act as a museum, they host many interactive events! Check out the event calendar for details on events like Latin dancing, Colors of the oceans for toddlers, and Autism families night. I love that they are constantly striving to bring education to families and make events that are interesting for everyone.

We had an amazing time at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. I would recommend going during the week because we were able to take our time and stand in front of certain tanks for a long time without bothering anyone. The Shark feeding time was the only event that got really crowded.


I would also advise wearing your baby. We took the stroller, but Pumpkin seemed to notice the animals in the tanks more when she was in the carrier and we could get closer to the tank. The carrier I’m wearing is a custom wrap conversion full buckle that I will be talking about in a future article. But with the waves, it was a perfect match for a trip to the Aquarium! Next time we’ll wear the whales full buckle!

We can’t wait to plan our next trip to Aquarium of the Pacific.


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