Finding support for Rheumatoid Arthritis at LifeScript

pumpkin in carrier

This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of These are my opinions as someone that has been going through swelling and inflammatory arthritis since my pregnancy. That is me babywearing pumpkin. I do love wearing her, but babywearing became a huge issue for me because my joints were so swollen I couldn’t […]

Taking care of baby pain free

For the past five days, I have been pain free.. I’ve been scared to even write that. Because it’s so hard for me to believe. Five days ago, I saw a hand dr in hopes of getting more information as to what the random bump on my hand was. I also hoped that he could […]

An update on post pregnancy swelling


Not sure you can tell from the picture, but I thought I would give an update on my swelling/pain. In the picture above is my right hand and right leg. On my right hand, there are weird bumps in addition to finger/knuckle swelling. My ankles are swollen to the size of baseballs. The positives are…the […]

Or it kicked mine

I had a great weekend planting and digging. Trying to work on the backyard since we haven’t touched it since we bought the house. I discovered that the sprinklers are all in the wrong place. Particularly if we want to plant some fruit trees. In my mind, I have huge plans for this yard, but […]

Do I join a gym?

A couple weeks ago I checked out the YMCA with my mom. The main reason was so we can do water aerobics together. After a couple of guest classes (I took an additional Zumba class) we both decided not to join because it was so disorganized and just not fun. Definitely didn’t get any type […]