Pinterest it’s fun and games until puppies are involved

I’m a little late to the Pinterest addiction. I have to say that I love Pinterest, but rarely have time for it. I actually have to set aside an hour to go through other’s boards and pins. At first, I thought Pinterest was all mood boards and cooking pictures. But as a whole, it’s incredibly fascinating. You can make whatever boards you want (I have Gadget, DIY, and general geekiness ideas). There are others out there that are very interested in these subjects too! In fact you can really find a board on almost any subject.

The act of pinning is incredibly easy. You can add a button to your browser bookmarks and then when you see something you want to add to a board, you click and a pop up opens. The pop up asks which board and for a description. Then it’s posted for the world to see. I often call Pinterest the Google for us visual people. Because I will see an image and then follow that back to the original site. Every time.

The Pinterest community does pride itself on setting some etiquette guidelines. The community should be nice to each other, avoid self promotion, and credit your sources.

But the gloves come off and shit goes down if you are creating a board of puppies!

This is the cute puppy pic that sparked a firefight:

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

The woman that posted this is very nice and the puppy became the middle of an intense debate. I re-pinned it and quickly discovered that if you re-pinned, you were copied on every comment on the original post. 97 comments so far. I think there were more that may have been deleted. People became ruthless. All because a person thought this puppy was cute (bred puppy) she got accused by many to be heartless for not adopting a dog from the kennel. From a pin of one picture, people made extremely judgmental about someone they don’t know. It was ruthless.

First rule of Pinterest, it’s all fun and games until Puppies are involved. At that point, prepare to fight. I’ll give Pinterest a little longer, but if there are more of these bitchy outbursts, I’m out. Definitely don’t need to add more online drama to life.


  1. crunchychocobo says

    WTF! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. People really believe that others need to know their opinions, don’t they? I mean, it’s not like she said this breed is the best breed ever and everyone needs to have one! She said it was cute. And dammit, it is cute.

    • GamingAngel says

      @crunchychocobo and she never said she would buy it. Hell I said want. lol I haven’t seen this in other areas of Pinterest. Maybe animals are a sensitive subject? Can’t imagine if someone had a Fur board….

  2. Jessi_Roman says

    HA! I jumped on the pinterest train late too. So far, I haven’t pinned any puppies, but now that I know where the excitement is…

    • GamingAngel says

      @Jessi_Roman haha who knew something so cute can be so controversial? The lady who posted never even said she wanted to buy it. Crazy.

  3. candybeans says

    It does look like a little teddy bear, but I’m fairly certain that teddy bear would be upset if he knew about all the hubbub. *whimper*

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