Need destressing advice

I tried looking for a picture, but it seems that no one has every caught me on camera biting my nails. I’m not sure how that is possible, since I do it all the time. I think last year I was able to stop because I was getting married and wanted me nails to look nice. But the bad habit has started again. I noticed this morning that my nails were below the line and looked horrible. In some places the skin in tender from me biting at it. Disgusting.

But I can’t stop. Why? Because this is my outlet for stress. I either bite my nails or shake my leg. Matt hates both. I hate them, but not enough to stop on my own.

Taking a step back, I am trying to look at what is causing the stress. That way maybe I can “de-stress” in more positive manner. The following things are on my mind (in no particular order):

  • My diet: or trying to eat healthier
  • Proposal: I have two proposals I’m supposed to be working on
  • GA updates: Making sure content is fresh on GA
  • GA Redesign: Currently date unknown
  • Work: I’d like to be achieving Disney Magic on a daily basis
  • TTC: Still trying….
  • Video Games: No time to play them
  • This site: Lack of time to update
  • Speaking Engagements: Trying to break into expert mode
  • Money: or lack there of
  • No birthday gift for hubby
  • House: Not clean, unorganized, no movement on improvements
  • And this is just off the top of my head. Now, I’ve been told that stress affects TTC in a negative manner. So I need to kick this stress in the ass and move forward. Only I have no idea how. I make lists. I tackle my to dos. But it still keeps growing. The things that worry me are now keeping me up at night. Lack of sleep does not make for a good work day.

    I turn to you. I need to get this all out of my system. My nails, my stress level and my husband thank you.
    <3 Trina

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