Or it kicked mine

I had a great weekend planting and digging. Trying to work on the backyard since we haven’t touched it since we bought the house. I discovered that the sprinklers are all in the wrong place. Particularly if we want to plant some fruit trees. In my mind, I have huge plans for this yard, but the more we can get started and do ourselves, the more money we can save right?

I didn’t do much other than plant some things and dig out one of the many dead planted trees. The ground is so dry and hard where the trees are that it’s pretty difficult to get out. Hopefully Matt can help me another week.

Fast forward to Monday (today) and I’m sore as heck. More than that though…I seem to have triggered an inflammation for my arthritis. My left wrist/hand was so swollen. It looked like it had been stung.

Taking it easy today, most of the swelling is down. Which is great because I refuse to take anything while we’re TTC. In fact, I got a Peak on the monitor, so there is no way I was going to take anything since we’ll be chasing down that egg today and tomorrow. Funny thing is, I was bummed about possibly not being able to do Cardio Barre on Tuesday. Which says something since I’m actually looking forward to working out.

I’m going to try working out tomorrow, but we’ll see if I need to take a break. Looks like I pushed myself too far. Since I haven’t had an inflammation in so long, I thought I was okay. Guess it teaches me to keep things in perspective. To appreciate how much more I can do lately, but to never think it won’t come back.

Back to resting and kicking butt starting…tomorrow. haha


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    I need to start on my yard and I’m so incredibly jealous that you took the plunge. I hope the swelling goes down and all your pain is sorta worth it!

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